Frequently asked questions

Following you find more information on ORELIO and answers to frequently asked questions.


For whom is ORELIO suitable?

ORELIO is aimed at laboratories from various sectors and sizes. As a laboratory software, ORELIO is individually expandable and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Which laboratory tests can be carried out with ORELIO?

Currently, we are specialised in PCR analyses. However, the test possibilities are almost unlimited, as ORELIO can be individually expanded.

Is there a test version available?

Yes, please contact us at and we will find a suitable solution for you to try out ORELIO.

How is the software integrated into my laboratory?

ORELIO is the interface to existing soft- and hardware. Data from a wide variety of laboratory equipment can be captured and evaluated in ORELIO.

Do several people have access to ORELIO?

Yes, the number of users is based on your demand.

How can new users be added?

We are happy to activate additional user accounts for you. Please contact our support team at

Are there workspaces that are only accessible to certain people?

Yes, the permissions for the respective workspaces are assigned according to your needs to enable an optimised workflow.

How can I assign or change a person’s permissions?

We are happy to add or change the permissions of your users. Please contact our support team at

Can I upload high data volumes to ORELIO?

Yes, as ORELIO is a secure cloud solution, you can also upload large data packages.

Data protection

Where is the data stored?

All your data is stored on Austrian servers of Citycom Telekommunikation GmbH. Your data is protected with the highest data security standards.

How is the data protected against third parties?

All data is encrypted and decrypted on the end device in accordance with the GDPR and Health Telematics Act and Ordinance. User authorisation to view the unencrypted data can be restricted.

Licence agreement

I am interested in ORELIO. How do I proceed?

We are pleased to hear that! Simply fill out the contact form with key information about your requirements (i. e. size of laboratory, number of employees, purpose of laboratory) and we will get back to you promptly. We are happy to provide you with a non-binding offer tailored to the needs of your laboratory.